Virtual Academy FAQs

How does Virtual Academy work?

  • Families create a pod of three to six student-peers. Services will be provided for the group and individual members based on the Tier of support you choose. 

How should I form the pod?

  • Pods can be created within your own family or through student peers. If you are having trouble creating your own pod, we may be able to help with that. We are flexible with helping families form their pods.

Are these services virtual or in-person?

  • Depending on the Tier of support you choose, there are both virtual elements and in-person elements. 

Tutoring FAQs

Our tutoring services create customized plans for each student. Each coach evaluates and determines the pace and curriculum guidelines after evaluating the student’s needs, goals, and learning styles. Interviews with parents, students and previous teachers are recommended in order to establish the most effective strategies.

Tutoring available for students in elementary school, middle school, and high school. 

Customized tutoring programs can be created for:

  • English Language Art/Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Executive Functioning–Study skills, test taking skills, organizational skills, memorization techniques
  • History
  • AP and Honors courses
  • College courses
  • Test prep (SAT, ACT)


We offer highly qualified tutors who know what it takes to maximize their ACT/SAT scores. We help students utilize their thinking skills and academic abilities to perform and score their best.

Students benefit from instruction and strategies to help them maximize their time to prepare and take each test.

College Advising FAQs

Deciding on where to apply to college should never be made from a randomly selected list of colleges.  Our experts take the time to get to know each student and craft a college list that makes sense and fits them best.

The college essay is arguably the most stressful task for high school students to start and finish in preparing for the college application season.  Our experts assist students by brainstorming interesting and relative topics for their essays.  We also identify ways to improve student’s writing skills to produce clarity and organization in their essays.

Our experts assist students throughout the journey by creating a customized timeline relative to their college-list and managing important deadlines and requirements prompted by the application process.

Homeschooling FAQs

Individual attention and coursework tailored to your student’s specific needs, no matter what those are. 

Becoming a member of the Academic Learning Center makes you a part of the team. The students share experiences with their peers while having adults to mentor and care for them away from home. Parents have partners to share and learn with as they move through this journey. 


We will design a homeschool plan that meets your student’s needs. If an online homeschool program works best for you, we’ll help you find the resources and courses you need. If in-person supports you best, we’ll find the resources and courses you need.

Our homeschool program tailors educational needs to your specific family. We can include or take away services until we find the right solution at the right cost. 

We can provide a homeschool solution for any child who is ready for school. We can work with you through elementary school to the end of your student’s formal education. 

We can work with your family, keeping in mind other families, to provide a homeschool solution that meets each individual families’ needs while looking for places to overlap. 

We are not a cover school, however we have relationships and partnerships with local and online cover schools. We will work to identify the best situation for each family.