Homeschool Support with the Learning Team

Whether you’ve just decided to homeschool or you’ve been doing it for years, our team can provide the additional support you may need.

To help understand a family’s homeschool needs and the level of assistance desired, we offer a free thirty-minute phone consultation. Following the initial consultation, we will create a plan that will mean success for your child(ren) and peace of mind for you. 

The Learning Team and Grove Academy

We offer a variety of services to help parents with their homeschooling needs, including:

We also have our Grove Academy for in-person class instruction in the core four courses for 1st-12th graders.

Greenways Academy

In addition to our consultation services and academic coaching, we partner with Greenways Academy to offer the following:

  • High School – Full-time, part-time, and single classes
  • Middle School – Full-time, part-time, and single classes
  • Elementary School – Full-time, part-time, and single classes
  • Summer School – Offered on a flexible schedule to fit your needs
  • Credit Recovery including add a class, recover a class or retake a class
  • Partnership and advocacy with Homeschool Parents
  • 1:1 Teacher to Student Ratio with online access to courses
  • Diplomas from our nationally recognized and accredited high school

This can be the solution your student needs if:

  • They thrive in small settings
  • Need schedule flexibility due to athletic, artistic, or other special interests and requirements on time
  • Have a unique learning style and needs so focus can be given when and where it is needed
  • Have a learning challenge that can be supported and overcome in a nurturing environment
  • They desire a new educational model of learning
the learning team homeschool support plan

Homeschool Support Plan

Receive a comprehensive homeschool support plan from The Learning Team for $250. Ongoing support is available, and can be priced following an in-depth interview and information gathering process.