Our Homeschool Support Brings Clarity

Your child’s education never has to be disrupted when you choose to homeschool. School is always in session! If you’ve decided to homeschool, now is the time to plan. Based on your individual family needs, we will create a plan that will mean success for your child(ren) and peace of mind for you. 

You can homeschool. We can help.

Home schooling

I want my children to be at home next school year, but I don’t know where to begin.

  • We can take care of that! Our Homeschool Consultant works alongside your family to support class placement and understanding of expectations as the student gets enrolled in courses. We can support and manage every aspect of the homeschool process. 

I’ve decided to homeschool my kids, but I want someone to manage it for me. I work and don’t have the time.

  • Our consultant will work with you to develop subject instruction and a homeschool curriculum. We will ensure the best coach and schedule. Our learning environment allows students to separate from the distractions of life. They also get a safe place to ask for assistance and guidance. 

I already homeschool or plan to homeschool, but I need support.

  • A student and family experienced with homeschool but desiring more support, can get it. We will find local classroom options or individualized instruction and support. We will support your current needs as well as consult through different encounters throughout the school year.

Still have questions about homeschooling? Read our FAQs.

Our Academic Learning Center (ALC) helps families determine the optimal educational options for their child(ren). 

Options are as varied as families.

Here are three examples to help illustrate how we work within your desired parameters.

A highly competitive athlete looking to meet NCAA requirements along with competitive curriculum requirements

This student has a busy schedule of training. Online school provides the flexibility needed to meet the unique requirements of training and traveling. We combine online classes with one-on-one academic coaching on the student’s schedule. Face-to-face instruction is provided by our coaches throughout the week. We encourage ongoing communication with teachers.

A student leaving the standard educational environment (public or private)

This student struggles in a traditional classroom or school setting, but the family cannot take on managing homeschool requirements. Online and in-person educational options help the student succeed in learning and grow to meet educational goals. Online educational platforms allow for tailored experiences at the level appropriate for each student. One-on-one educational support tackles the specific challenges and needs of the student.

A family comfortable or experienced with homeschooling but needs additional support to connect with local classroom options or individualized instruction and support

This student has homeschooled or completed online education before coming to us. The family manages the day-to-day schedule requirements; however, they need one-on-one support outside of the family. Our coaches come alongside the family to bolster the educational goals and success for the student offering subject matter expertise, executive function, support, etc. 

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