BS Nursing

Angela York grew up in Albany, GA and has always enjoyed encouraging others and exploring nature. She worked as a Young Life leader throughout her college years and graduated from Samford University in 1996 with a BS in Nursing. After having her own three children, Angela began to teach tennis lessons to ages 5 to 16-year-olds. Teaching tennis sparked a love of working with children to help inspire confidence and conquer obstacles.

Once her children reached school age, Angela and her husband decided to homeschool their children, and they continue to do so today. Mrs. York has taught private classes to students from elementary school through high school and finds joy in the instruction of every age group. Mrs. York’s favorite subject is science, although she has taught a variety of classes of various intensities and paces including General Science with lab, Physical Science with lab, Nutrition and Physiology with lab, and Pre-Chemistry.

Currently, Mrs. York is teaching seniors in high school Honors Anatomy and Physiology with Lab at both Veritas Classical School and Covenant Christian Academy. Angela inspires students to engage their whole self (all their senses) in their learning style and encourages them to persevere through the challenges that can come with the educational process. Seeing students capture a better understanding of the beauty around them is one of her greatest joys.