Bradley Bailey was born and raised in Huntsville, AL. He has always had an interest in outdoor activities, music, and technical subjects. Over the years, he has spent a lot of time teaching all sorts of subjects and practices. He has taught guitar lessons, bible classes, and trained new engineers. At The Learning Team, Bradley Bailey tutors math and science.  As a result of these diverse experiences, Bradley discovered a love for teaching and developed a passion for effective communication.

During college, Bradley found himself seeking alternate learning methods as he found the classroom setting limiting. In this pursuit, he observed certain methods of learning and is excited to share them with every student he mentors.  One of Bradley’s most fulfilling activities is to help students come to understand a concept they had previously struggled with. This is a feeling Bradley has personally experienced, so he knows how great it feels for the student when it all clicks.

Bradley currently works as a civil engineer but remains active in church ministry and family life and takes every chance he can to enjoy the great outdoors. His work as a civil engineer makes him uniquely qualified to teach and lead the future STEM professionals of North Alabama.