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Innovative educational options for students who can achieve more. 

Who Is Grove Academy

For students who can accomplish far more than society expects, the Grove Academy micro-school provides families with a private, student-centered school choice focusing on academics with small teacher-to-student ratios, and an emphasis on executive skills training.

We offer the most advanced learning options in the K-12 sector because of our commitment to delivering education in innovative ways.

Grove Academy’s mission is to encourage, engage, and empower our students and families on their educational journey. 

  • We ENCOURAGE students to respect themselves, others, and their responsibilities.
  • We ENGAGE our students to cultivate intellectual curiosity and personal interests.
  • We EMPOWER our students to be self-sufficient and active learners.

What is a Micro-School?

A micro-school is a private school with fewer than 150 students. Students of multiple ages learn together, focusing on project-based learning while gaining a highly-personalized education.

Who Are The Students We Serve

Grove Academy accommodates students from 1st grade through 12th grade. We consider each student on a case-by-case basis and tailor our program to meet the needs of each student.

We help students catch up, keep up, and stay ahead.

Our students are the first in a new generation to break away from traditional schooling. They’re not just focused on chasing high grades or piling up difficult courses. Instead, our students take control of their own learning. They seek a real understanding of course content and cultivate interests in many areas.

Most importantly, they demonstrate subject mastery through various contexts such as projects and assignments completed collaboratively during class time and also independently. This subject mastery and independence gives our teachers a view of how these future world-builders think!

Our Students Include

What Makes Grove Academy Unique


Grove Academy offers the most advanced learning options for the K-12 sector because of our commitment to delivering education in innovative ways.



Grove Academy understands that failure can be a bridge to success. While our Academy is not a rigid institution, we provide a structured environment to help students develop the resilience needed to succeed in life. 



Relationships are a central component of our approach to education. The three-part team relationship between families, academic coaches, and community members is the cornerstone of our student’s success.

Building these relationships allows us to work alongside students to encourage curiosity and a sense of personal agency.

We frame education so students can meaningfully engage in their lessons. Our instructors act as guides, working in tandem with students to create knowledge instead of presenting it for students to memorize. This level of engagement motivates students to want to learn more. 


The Benefits of Attending Grove Academy

  • 8-to-1 instructional ratio via learning cohorts 
  • Personalized learning plans designed around project-based learning
  • Individualized goals with formative assessments at regular intervals
  • Curriculum-based on the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, biology, and education
  • Multi-sensory learning opportunities for all grade levels
  • Organizational and executive functioning development and enrichment
  • Blended learning opportunities including volunteer-based electives
  • Flexible scheduling for individual path students
  • Academic support services to address various cognitive diversities 
  • STEM, art, and movement opportunities and projects
  • Time and space for reflection, a voice, and a choice in learning goals

Get Enrolled at Grove Academy​​

The Grove Academy is accepting new students for the 2022-2023 school year in the following two paths.  

Traditional Grove Academy students complete all of their academic requirements through our Academy.

They are full-time and take both in-person and virtual classes.
Each student receives a customized learning plan and engages with individualized, project-based learning opportunities. 

Grove Academy serves as a private school for these students.

The individual path is ideal for students with external restraints and time commitments that prevent them from committing to a regular school schedule such as NCAA athletes. Grove Academy manages these student’s transcripts as they take a full course-load elsewhere. In addition to their at-home courses, these students schedule time to come to Grove Academy for private tutoring with an academic coach. 

Grove Academy serves as an HSLDA-certified cover school for these students. Courses are online and managed by their advisor.