Preparing for the college admissions process is not like it used to be a decade or more ago. Today it is filled with anxious parents and an added demand on students. 

That’s exactly where we step in!  

The Learning Team’s approach to college preparation eliminates stress and allows families to focus on the exciting future that awaits their students. 

We support students and parents throughout the entire process, building confidence while our experts assist with timelines, deadlines, college essay development, and so much more.

In addition to offering our test prep courses and ACT workshops, The Learning Team partners with the Capstone Educational Consultants to provide valuable college preparation courses and college advising.

Two students sit working on college prep course.

College Preparation Program

Our college preparation program assists students and parents with every aspect of the college planning process. This program is led by a certified college planning professional and teaches families about the ins and outs of college preparation. 

Uniquely, our program is available to high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike. While other companies typically offer these courses only for upperclassmen, we want to teach the families of our younger high school students how to prepare for college early!

What Takes Place in a College Prep Course with The Learning Team?

Throughout our college preparation program, you will receive: 

The Benefits of College Prep Courses

College prep courses provide a lot of benefits to both the student and parent(s), including: 

Sign Up for College Prep Courses

The typical course runs for five months, with classes taking place twice a month. 

While each course offers information in a stand-alone format, the courses will also build on each other. When taken together, families will walk away with a well-mapped-out and personalized college plan. 

If you are ready to get a jumpstart on other high school students and feel confident in achieving your collegiate aspirations, you can sign up now for more information. If you still have a few questions, contact The Learning Team!

College Advising

While our college preparation program offers personalized advice, custom college plans and allows for some one-on-one consultation, its small group format may not be for everyone. Our college advising service is ideal for families who would prefer only to receive one-on-one college preparation help. 

Our experts assist families throughout the entire college planning journey. From building good-fit college lists to developing the personal statement essay from scratch, our professional college consultants provide a fresh outlook and close examination of the college application process. 

If you are interested in one-on-one college advising, sign up for your consultation today!