The Learning Team

The Learning Team’s commitment to personalized academic coaching helps empower students to achieve their full potential and sets us apart in an educational industry that often falls into conformity. In order to accomplish this, we have curated a team of Huntsville’s best tutors and academic coaches. We thoughtfully pair each student with an academic coach that can help them learn and grow. Each coach works with their students to accommodate their learning proficiencies and build a lasting, personal relationship with the students and their families.

Ashlee Grove

Ashlee Grove

Founder and CEO

Ashlee Grove is the Founder and CEO of The Learning Team and Grove Academy.

Ashlee started The Learning Team in 2006 to create a Madison County tutoring option that provides personalized learning to empower students to achieve their full potential. Over the years, The Learning Team has grown into a robust network of students, schools, families, tutors, academic coaches, and engaged community members. 

As The Learning Team grew, Ashlee Grove saw a need for a more consistent education option for her students. In 2021, she established Grove Academy as an innovative educational option for students who can achieve more.

Grove Academy offers the Huntsville community a student-centered, private school choice focusing on academics, smaller teacher-to-student ratios, and an emphasis on executive skills training.