A Huntsville native, Melanie Nord found an appreciation for foreign languages from a young age. While in high school, her family hosted several foreign exchange students. Later she had the opportunity to be a foreign exchange student herself. Melanie studied in France and later graduated from Auburn University with her Bachelor of Arts in French and minors in German and Art History.

Upon graduation, Melanie Nord worked for Applied Research, Inc. and SAIC. There she translated Russian and German documents and cataloged foreign material documentation and foreign language databases. 

This passion for foreign language and culture has carried over into her adult life. She and her husband have hosted several students from Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. During this time, she further realized an interest in teaching. 

She has experience homeschooling her children and teaching French locally. She aims to share her love for foreign languages as a coach for The Learning Team by working with students of all ages. When not teaching or tutoring, she enjoys local triathlons and races or hiking trails with her family.