English Tutoring for Students of All Ages

Is your student struggling in English? Our expert academic coaches can help improve students’ grammar, grades, and confidence with personalized English tutoring.

We cover English grammar, writing, and reading for students of all ages. A preview of topics we can cover is below.

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English Tutoring Options

  • English Tutoring
    English Tutoring

    One-on-one private English tutoring to help support academic learning and assignments

  • Getting into Grammar
    Getting into Grammar

    The Getting into Grammar tutoring program is designed for students who want to enhance their writing skills by learning, understanding, and using the basic building blocks of grammar. Students examine the eight parts of speech and how they function in a sentence. Students also learn sentence types, sentence structures, and sentence patterns and then use words, phrases, and clauses to build increasingly complex sentences.

  • Writing an Essay
    Writing an Essay

    Our academic coaches teach students how to enhance their writing skills, better organize paragraphs and essays, and improve editing skills. During these tutoring sessions, students examine the elements of a five-paragraph essay and practice writing both the parts and the whole. We also provide students a template to make just about any writing assignment easier to tackle.
    Along the way, students will examine sticky grammar problems that weaken writing and learn to develop their voice to remedy these problems.

  • Persuasive Writing
    Persuasive Writing

    Our persuasive writing tutoring introduces students to the basics of persuasive writing. Because these skills are critical to success in high school, college, and beyond, we cover how to narrow down interest in any topic to a convincing, defendable argument. During the sessions, students learn how to effectively target different audiences, conduct academic research, organize and defend original arguments, correct citation practices, and revise an essay.
    Our persuasive writing tutoring is hands-on, and students complete several short assignments to refine these critical skills.

  • ACT English
    ACT English

    Who should take this?
    Students who are hoping to refresh skills and focus on how to master the top 8 areas tested on the English ACT.
    Students who are currently scoring below a 28 OR looking to master the easy and medium level difficulty problems on this section.
    Students who are interested in the most important strategies for handling the different question types.

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