Ashlee Grove sits at desk with notebook and calculator

On a path to medical school, Ashlee discovered her true passion for education and took a decidedly different path. Ashlee graduated with her B.A. in English and history from Memphis State University. She continued on with her M.A. in Education from the University of Memphis with a concentration in Biology and English. Since then, she has served in several instructional and leadership roles.

While she enjoyed bringing advancement, technology, and training as a school leader and administrator, she deeply missed the meaningful interactions with students. With interests and certifications in multiple disciplines, focusing her instruction and energy on a personal tutoring program was only fitting.

Ashlee Grove works with high school student on ACT Test Prep

Ashlee Grove carved this new path with her passion for inspiring students to be lifelong learners and serving school communities. She soon began working with students as a tutor and academic coach. This passion, combined with her ability to take risks and business acumen, led to great success. Ashlee has since built a team of experienced, energetic, and passionate educators at The Learning Team and Grove Academy.

Her desire to find the “just-right” educational support for students has been the key to countless families’ dreams of academic success. Ashlee also has an extraordinary commitment to professional development. She provides frequent opportunities for her staff to attend educational workshops and conferences. Everyone with The Learning Team benefits from interacting with leading organizations and minds in pedagogical advancement and learning strategies.

Ashlee’s dedication to being a strong leader of The Learning Team goes beyond the classroom. Her holistic approach to education is inspired by her commitment to health and wellness. She is active in the Huntsville Track Club, Spring City Cycling Club, Barre3, and CycleBar.

Ashlee Grove is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and is its Women’s Business Council. She is active with the Women’s Economic Development Council, the Catalyst, the AUM Foundation, Fantasy Playhouse, and the Inner City Learning Center. She is also a member of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, the Land Trust of North Alabama, Burritt on the Mountain, Huntsville Museum of Arts, and The Scout Guide