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We have changed our name from Ashlee Grove and Associates to The Learning Team. We believe this new name better reflects what we do and provides us more flexibility for future growth.

Ashlee Grove, CEO of The Learning Team

In the past couple of years, we have experienced an exciting amount of growth! We moved into a new building, brought on new tutors, began to offer new services, and even started The Grove Academy!

With these changes, we realized that our name “Ashlee Grove and Associates” did not best represent us or the growth we hope to continue to have. For that reason, we are officially changing our name to “The Learning Team.”

Why We Chose The Learning Team

In the past, we had already been using The Learning Team to refer to our team of academic coaches. However, as we began considering a new name, we felt The Learning Team perfectly encapsulated everything we do.

Our tutoring programs and workshops are all a team effort. We cannot do what we do successfully without working together as a staff. We strive always to collaborate to develop the best learning plans for our students and stay on top of the latest educational strategies and research.

Our success also relies heavily on our families considering us as team members as well. We are all working together to achieve academic success for their student(s).

Additionally, we were drawn to the simplicity of the word “learning.”

Here at The Learning Team, our strategies go beyond simply educating our students in the standard subjects. Instead, we are focused on inspiring a passion for learning in all aspects. For instance, one of our focuses is teaching executive functioning. Our executive functioning material covers study skills, organizational skills, and memorization techniques.

Our team is passionate about being and creating life-long learners.

What Does This Mean For You?

the learning team koozies

You may have noticed we have already started the name change process. We’ve updated most of our social profiles, our website, our logo, and more! Our ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, October 14th, marked the official change. We were even able to give everyone newly-branded koozies to mark the change!

Going forward, our emails and website will forward people to the proper locations as our families, and team members adjust to the change.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new change! The Learning Team name grants us new opportunities for growth in the future and better describes who we are.