Hannah York is currently a Senior in the Honors College at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is majoring in Biophysics with minors in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Philosophy & Law. This educational overlap of studies greatly equips her for both life sciences and mathematics.

Hannah York is both a pre-med and a pre-law student. Her classical training in the art of rhetoric combined with her taking advanced classes in logic and English offer her a unique talent. She is very well-read and just as comfortable writing extensive pieces as she is with STEM topics. All of these studies enable Hannah to tutor students in a wide range of subjects and effectively translate them to school work.

Additionally, Hannah brings a unique perspective of tutoring to our college-bound students. As a current college student, she can attest to the value of the executive functioning tutoring The Learning Team provides.

The Learning Team’s executive functioning tutoring covers study skills, test-taking skills, organizational skills, and memorization techniques. These skills help students excel at their current grade level and prepare them for university-level courses. Indeed, they are techniques that are valuable to Hannah as she studies an intense course load at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.