Melissa Sherfey earned her Bachelor’s degree in English while simultaneously earning her certification in secondary education from Mount Saint Mary College in upstate New York. Upon completion of her degree, she immediately began a Master’s degree in literacy education from the same institution. Unsatisfied with the level of rigor from the Master’s program, she transferred to Georgia State University to complete her Master’s degree in literary studies.

While completing her studies, she began tutoring students in 2008. At first, she assumed the role of a peer tutor. Melissa fell in love with helping students reach levels of understanding and continued to tutor throughout all of her studies. At Georgia State University she took this love of education one step further and earned a second graduate assistantship as a teaching assistant instructing three composition courses. A post-graduation move to North Carolina allowed her to assume the role of classroom educator at a charter school in the fields of history, Spanish, English, AP Literature, and AP Seminar.

Melissa has over ten years of educational experience and loves bringing her passion with her into tutoring sessions to help students connect with their subjects. While well versed in a variety of subjects, she excels at tutoring writing skills. Facilitation is her instructional method of choice and she loves helping students reach that “aha” moment when components of an essay slide into place. Melissa comes to tutoring sessions with memorable tips and tricks to help students become independent learners with the confidence to be as academically successful as possible.