The Learning Team

We know what it takes to help each unique student grow academically and emotionally. We pair each student with the right coach and create supplemental educational programming that makes a difference in their learning ability and success. Our team members develop a personal relationship with students and their families which can include collaborating with their teachers and school. We’re not simply “tutors”… we provide academic coaching. We provide enriching solutions with tangible results to meet each student’s broad-spectrum of learning needs.

Ashlee Grove

Ashlee Grove

B.A., M.A.

Ashlee Grove is a native of Memphis and attended Christian Brothers University and Memphis State University, graduating with a BA in English and History. She returned to the University of Memphis to earn her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a certification in English and Biology.

In May 2006, Ashlee started her own educational consulting firm: Ashlee Grove & Associates, Inc. 

Since 2008, Ashlee has been in Huntsville, Alabama. She first partnered with Greengate School for Dyslexia where she worked as the technology integration specialist and after school program director. Since moving to Huntsville, she has expanded Ashlee Grove & Associates, Inc. to include consultants who provide additional services for standardized testing, student psychological services, foreign language tutoring, reading specialists, advanced placement coaching, and a deep network of subject-matter specialists.

Ashlee’s coaching expertise lies in her highly individualized, research-based approach to meeting the needs of the student, parents and school, through rich collaboration and intensive mentorship and training. She works closely with Randolph School in Huntsville and networks throughout the educational systems of Huntsville, Birmingham, Memphis, and Nashville.

Ashlee stays busy when not with her students. She is involved in the Huntsville Track Club, Spring City Cycling Club, and Sierra Club. She has completed numerous half marathons, duathlons, and triathlons and considers health and well-being to play an integral role in the overall performance of the brain. 

 She is not just a “tutor”  – she is an academic coach, who provides enriching solutions with tangible results to a student’s broad-spectrum of learning needs.